Elements involved in the process of freight service


ADER offers the best transport solution for your most urgent domestic and international freight. Traffic specialists will show you all the means at your disposal for providing the fastest and most cost-effective service.

ADER EXPRESS modes of transport:

  • By land. Road transport in the quickest possible time. Online monitoring will show you the current location of your goods anywhere on the European road network.

  • By air. To save time in critical situations we can provide you with the fastest solution using a charter or taxi plane.
  • Hand Courier.The most urgent shipments will be made by the most direct air route. Experienced personnel will guard the goods until they are handed over to the consignee.


Features of ADER EXPRESS:

Immediate pick-up. A vehicle and driver will be at the pick-up point in less than an hour and a half.

Online tracking.
By using ADER's extranet you can see the status of your goods and the expected time of delivery.

The price and delivery of all services are approved by the customer at the time of hiring.

Domestic and international coverage

ADER Commercial Taxi Telephone number for contact.


ADER has a large fleet of vehicles. Call our Operations Department any other needs.



F/500 F/1500 F/500 F/3500

Aprox. Capacity:
1-2 pallets EU
Max. Payload: 500kg

Aprox. Capacity:
3-5 pallets EU
Max. Payload: 1300kg

Aprox. Capacity:
6-8 pallets EU
Max. Payload: 1000kg

Aprox. Capacity:
10-16 pallets EU
Max. Payload: 3500kg

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