Elements involved in the process of freight service


This exclusive service guarantees the transport of your goods at the local and regional level. Choose the commercial vehicle you need using the following forms of contract: by hours, kilometers or agreed price.

You can immediatly request a vehicle by time or distance requierd, exclusively for your goods.

This is a door to door service which ensures that both the charge and discharge are monitored by the driver.

ADER Taxi Comercial is committed to quality and for that reason has the UNE-EN-ISO 9001/00


ADER Commercial Taxi Telephone number for contact.


ADER has a large fleet of vehicles. Call our Operations Department any other needs.



F/500 F/1500 F/500 F/3500

Aprox. Capacity:
1-2 pallets EU
Max. Payload: 500kg

Aprox. Capacity:
3-5 pallets EU
Max. Payload: 1300kg

Aprox. Capacity:
6-8 pallets EU
Max. Payload: 1000kg

Aprox. Capacity:
10-16 pallets EU
Max. Payload: 3500kg

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